segunda-feira, abril 17, 2006

vida longa

DIED. ADDWAITYA, around 250 years old, giant tortoise thought to have been the world's oldest living creature; in a zoo in Calcutta. Brought from the Seychelles to India by British sailors in the 1700s, Addwaitya (Bengali for "the one and only") first belonged to Robert Clive, who helped establish colonial rule in India. Clive died in 1774, but his pet stayed on in the garden of his estate, moving to the zoo 100 years later.
(3 Abril 2006)

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Stressless disse...

Tenho uma tartaruga, que resolvi baptizar com o nome GIBA (um dos melhores jogadores de voleu de sempre), o maior prazer que podia ter, era ela viver mais do que eu!